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Always in my thoughts

So who ever tells me who this is wins $500.00. Just kidding meet Tori Sou now for legal purposes I can’t say who, what, when, and how..haha we’ll all just leave it for now. Anyways this is like the diamond you cannot look away from because you just can’t forget about it. An amazing individual and has the softest voice ever, meaning as soon as you hear her speak you just kind of melt. NO I’m not confessing my love for her for everybody out there in the world to see. I simply just want to introduce you to her if you all don’t already know whats going on. Ms. Sou has her own class, a class that  mixes with a touch of Vicky Beckham vs a touch of Ms. Lacson. Her vision and art in her shoots resemble who she is as a person..( inspiring, caring, artistic, a visionary ) We’ve met a couple times and let’s just say she’s been always in my mind and can’t seem to leave it either. ( That’s a good thing by the way ) The jordan pic is actually really famous, you can catch it on several prints all across the net. I actually came across her jordan shoot and from then on I told myself I had to meet the model who did this she ‘s fucking hot. Check her out on her blog though tumblr, or follow her on twitter @torisou, or if your own facebook search “tori sou” ORRR visit and tell her that the warriors suck..JUST KIDDING, oh and potential men out there for Ms. Sou I’ll give you a secret. Open the door for her if you ever get a chance to take her out and it’ll go along way for you I promise.